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1886: New Orleans Cold Storage founded. Dedicated to the manufacturing of ice for rail cars, sailing ships, and steamships using Port of New Orleans.

1893: Hugh McCloskey elected as President of the company.

1901: 1000 shares of capital stock, valued at $100 each, subscribed to 43 individuals and business firms in the local commercial trading community.

1914: Archduke Ferdinand is assassinated, which leads to the outbreak of WWI. NOCS stores perishable product for the government and purchases liberty bonds to help finance the war.

1929: Stock market crashes. Business at NOCS not affected immediately, however as the thirties moved along the demand for refrigerated space dropped and crews reduced.

1936: Company completes the construction of a room built specifically for faster freezing of shrimp on the first floor of the main building.

1951: Company discontinues manufacture of ice due to the sharp increase in electric refrigerators reducing the demand for ice in the home. Also, rail cars that traditionally used ice for cooling cargo now converted to diesel cooling systems.

1957: New single story 1,132,000 cu ft, state of the art refrigerated Airline Facility opened. It was specially built for use of palletized product and fork lift trucks with capacity of 3000 lbs. Airline was served by the Louisiana and Arkansas Railroad, and electricity furnished by Louisiana Power & Light.

1966: New operation opens on Nashville Ave Wharf on Port of New Orleans, adjacent to the Public Belt Railroad. The plant contains 1,500,000 cu ft of refrigerated space, was built to be a palletized operation, and had automatic defrosting controls.

1980: New Orleans Cold Storage expands again with construction of Alvar St. warehouse, in the area of the France Rd containerized dock. The new plant contained 1,000,000 cu ft of refrigerated space, protected by more insulation than the industry standard, which produced better holding temperatures and lower power costs.

1985: James F Fargason elected president of NOCS.

1986: New Orleans Cold Storage celebrates its 100th birthday, and expands market to include Charleston, SC by taking over a 700,000 cu ft warehouse.

1993: NOCS takes over and renovated 90,000 sq ft cold storage facility in Houston, TX.

1994: Gary Escoffier is appointed President and CEO.

2003: New Orleans Cold Storage shuts down its Nashville wharf facility and opens NOCS Dockside Cold Storage facility on Jourdan Rd Terminal at the Port of New Orleans, with 3.5 million cu ft. and 24 truck receiving doors and 3 vessel births.

2005: Due to damage from hurricane Katrina NOCS is forced to close its Airline facility.

2008: NOCS West Gulf in Houston, TX expands blast capacity and increases warehouse space to 140,000 sq ft.

2009: Mark Blanchard promoted to President and CEO.

2012: The Oldest Cold Storage Company launches huge port blast-freezing cold storage facility in New Orleans at the Henry Clay Wharf and closes its Alvar Facility.

2013: Import meat inspection room re-opens at Charleston Facility.
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