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Blast Freezing

At New Orleans Cold Storage & Warehouse Co., our blast freezing process is literally the best in the business.


Geared for high volume export warehousing, we blast freeze products to 0° F within 24 hours at all of our port facilities. Our refrigerated air flow process freezes products much more quickly that our competitors, and we can also handle a much larger volume – up to 22,000,000 lbs. per week. Our process also far exceeds USDA requirements – which results in a better product in terms of the quality, freshness and appearance of frozen foods.

Freezing products at the port is a key competitive advantage we offer our customers. Once frozen, we simply move the product out of the freezer and swing the pallets into the container or vessel. As this eliminates one entire inland warehousing move and one entire inland transportation move, there are significant cost savings for our customers.

Blast freezing at the port also offers customers the flexibility and global access to get anywhere in the world through the strategic ports in which we operate, giving the ability to sell the product to the market with the highest price point at the time of shipping.

When it comes to blast freezing, no other company in the world can match the volume, speed, quality and proven expertise offered by New Orleans Cold Storage & Warehouse Company Ltd.

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